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The Art I make

I am a transplant to Minnesota. Having lived here the past 30 years I have yet to identify with the woods and water this state is known for.  No  family cabin. No trip to the Boundary Waters or to the North Shore. Many walks by the Mississippi and Minnehaha Creek, though. The art I love to make includes the surprises and ordinariness of nature that is all around.

 I grew up in the Black Hills and spent many years on the Dakota prairie. I taught school in Montana as well and was thrilled to observe the "big sky", the Yellowstone River and the rolling ranch lands. Walking out the door and stepping onto the land wherever I've lived has kept me grounded. And I walk a lot.

While the Hills and prairie have been home to me, I have also enjoyed hiking in the desert southwest absorbing the uniqueness of plant and animal life in drier terrain. My art-making is an attempt to express in photography and painting the beauty that nature has impressed on me. What is impressed, is reflected on, and then somehow expressed.

I am grateful and blessed.

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