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Welcome to my website!

This website focuses on recent and new work  in  landscape painting and nature photography.  My interest and purpose in making art has almost always been to record beauty and to share in painting and photography those glimpses of beauty that have given a sense of awe and of tranquility. 
Here are two series of paintings that  offer a glimpse into the ordinary beauty that many of us encounter in our walks, hikes and drives through nature.
Stones and brush; trees and grasses;  dappled light and textured color; mountains and meadows; close-ups and distant views. . . . 
For my recent paintings, a series I call Simply There,
I chose to go small rather than my usual large format paintings. In a way, limiting  size gives expansion to the view. And I switched from canvas to gesso board which also takes acrylic nicely.
The larger paintings are from a Rocks and Prairie series  which I have shown locally and in South Dakota.
My camera and sketch pad travel with me and give me a chance to record the elements of nature that inspire my painting. I have also included a section on photography here. The three-part photo gallery includes images from Sedona, AZ, glimpses from my neighborhood here in Minneapolis and in particular, walks along the  nearby Winchell Trail above the Mississippi.
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